WGB demo

In-house sensor and BIM visualisation for WGB.

Live demo can be found here!

All of the videos show WGB recreated solely from the information we acquired from the official floorplans that can be accessed by all Computer Lab researchers.


This page consists of two visualisation demos for WGB. One was written in D3.js, the other in Three.js.

These are incomplete examples and do not show the full scope of the project, e.g. including all of the APIs, data collection and integration architectures that were created during this initial deployment.

The project is currently being described in two paper that, as of now (October 2020), are under review.

D3.js visualisation for floorplans and sensors

Real-time sensor heatmaps

8x8 IR sensor integration

Full walkthrough (obsolete)

More examples

On-demand latest sensor readings (beta).

Room selection from a list (beta).

Experimental Three.js visualisation

A demo of how a 3D interactive body can be generated from simple 2D floorplan data.