Cycloids, baby

The Bartlett, University College London 2017

Brief Description

Mathematics and Art - how do we combine the two and explore the hidden properties of 2D cycloids in 3D space?

The project looks at Cycloids - the curve(s) traced by a point on a circle as it rolls along a straight line without slipping, however, it is done in a unique Arts and Sciences kind of way in the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Project Presentation can be found in the video below.

More information

The project was made as a part of the first year Project X module, allowing students to explore their own topic of interest for the entire two terms.

Cycloids, baby attempts to look at the intersection of geometry and arts through a comedic and light-hearted point of view, resulting in mesmerizing 3D prints, dancing robots and groovy algorithms.

As usual, please refer to the full portfolio embedded above to find more information.

Project photos (more can be found here)

2D generated patterns

A 3D generated structure

A 3D generated sculpture

A 3D generated structure